‘Thank you for making my teeth look so good. I am really delighted with them.’ Mrs. E.C.
tooth coloured fillings

Once a tooth has cavity and needs a filling, there are two main options. The traditional method for decades has been to fill the tooth using metal amalgam fillings (silver or black colour). Their main advantage is that they are quicker to place, therefore a good cost effective option. The main problem is that amalgam does not stick to the tooth, so over the years, the tooth and filling can flex apart and eventually the tooth can start to break.

Instead of just filling the tooth with amalgam, it can be rebuilt using a material which actually bonds to the tooth surface. Once it is done, the tooth is much stronger as it is all bonded together. The added bonus is that the material is tooth coloured, so the tooth will look natural once it is complete.

Some people prefer to remove their old amalgam fillings for cosmetic reasons. In addition to the teeth looking better, the added benefit is that they will be stronger once rebuilt.

High quality composite bonded fillings are also used to repair broken and decayed front teeth.

The material is extremely technique sensitive and takes time and skill to place properly. Tooth coloured bonded fillings are one of our areas of special interest at ocean dental so you can be confident that you will receive treatment to the highest possible standards.

Three amalgam fillings replaced and teeth rebuilt
Amalgam filling replaced and tooth rebuilt
Broken tooth rebuilt with composite material
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