teeth whitening
Everybody wants whiter teeth, and why not? All too often people put up with a dull lifeless smile for years. Simply giving someone a brighter sparkling smile can make a huge difference to their self confidence, and take years off their appearance!
Teeth whitening (bleaching) is a excellent way of dramatically improving the appearance of your teeth without causing any harm or damage at all. It is also one of the most simple and cost effective ways of improving your smile. The beauty of the ocean dental whitening system compared to ‘instant power whitening systems' is that you have complete control over how white you go! Some people prefer just enough to brighten and rejuvenate their teeth, others prefer a more dramatic whiter result. Results are often reached in only two to three weeks.
To take your first step to a whiter smile, simply contact us today and we’ll get you started !
How does it work?

Our teeth are actually porous like a sponge. Over the years, teeth absorb stains from tea, coffee, smoking and red wine etc. The whitening gel soaks into the teeth and removes the coloured pigments, leaving a naturally brighter, whiter appearance.

Two appointments are needed to get started. At the first appointment the dentist will gently take impressions of your top and bottom teeth. The impressions are then sent to a laboratory where a skilled dental technician will make a very thin custom fitting tray to fit over the teeth (like an extremely thin gumshield).

One week later you can start!

Last thing at night, after brushing your teeth, you place some whitening gel in the trays, place them on your teeth and go straight to sleep. When you wake up in the morning you remove them. Each night you repeat the process and when you look in the mirror each morning, you will see your teeth getting whiter and whiter!

How white can I go?

That is personal preference. Some people want just enough to return their teeth to the original colour, whilst others may want ‘Hollywood white’. The great advantage of the ocean dental whitening system is that you take it to the colour you want, and then stop. (With ‘instant power whitening systems’ you do not have that control – if they are too white afterwards you cannot put it back!)

Will it hurt?

No, it is painless. Some people experience temporary tolerable sensitivity, but it is no harm to your teeth at all. The day after you finish the whitening, it goes.

Does it work on all teeth?

Only natural teeth can be whitened, fillings and crowns cannot. If you have fillings on your front teeth which will stand out after whitening, they can be replaced with high quality cosmetic fillings which will blend in perfectly with your new colour and be invisible, further enhancing your new smile.

How long will the result last?

The result will last many years, however depending on your lifestyle and diet, the teeth will start to absorb stain again over the years. To keep them at their bright new colour you can simply ‘top up’ by wearing the trays for a couple of nights once every 12-24 months. You can also top up as often you like, to give them a boost before special occasions for example. Individual top up tubes can be purchased at any time.

Upper and lower whitening treated at ocean dental
Upper and lower whitening treated at ocean dental
Single tooth whitening treated at ocean dental
Is it safe?

Yes. The ocean dental whitening system is completely safe. It is the most widely used system in the world and has undergone extensive research. No harm or damage is done to the teeth at all.

What about whitening toothpastes?

They are useful for removing surface stains but will will have very little effect on the actual colour of your teeth. They can be useful in maintaining the new colour of your whitened teeth.

What about instant power whitening?

The tray system results last much longer than ‘instant power whitening’ systems. To achieve lasting results the power whitening still has to be followed by two weeks of wearing a tray. They also use much higher concentrations of gel and you pay extra for the ‘glamour factor’. The international gold standard for whitening is still the tray system we use at ocean dental.

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