referring dentists

Referrals are welcome for all aspects of the following areas:

  • Implant Dentistry – from a single tooth to a full mouth fixed or removable restoration
  • Oral Surgery
  • Aesthetic Dentistry – including composite bonding or veneers
  • Routine and Advanced Restorative Treatments, Periodontal Treatments and Perio-Restorative cases
- Why refer to us? >

Ocean Dental is a modern dental practice, dedicated to providing patients with an exceptional personal service and the highest standard of clinical care. The clinical team consists of myself, a dental therapist and a hygienist. The practice reputation is built on word of mouth and our emphasis is on quality, not quantity. Patient satisfaction is always our primary concern.

Before opening ocean dental in 2003 I used to work in the oral and facial surgery department at Treliske hospital. I then developed an oral surgery referral service, travelling to eleven different practices with over 30 referring dentists. Due to the time commitments of opening ocean dental, the service unfortunately had to be reduced.

Over the last eight years we have been treating increasing numbers of complex restorative, aesthetic and surgical cases. I completed a one year intensive implantology course and have been working exclusively with the Ankylos system for over six years, with excellent results. I am a member of the Association of Dental Implantology UK, hosting and attending regular postgraduate meetings.

- Referral fees >
  • Initial implant discussion £ No charge
  • Consultation fee (for all areas except implants) £ 69.50
  • Implant fee guide can be downloaded with the referral proforma
- Implant dentistry >

Implant dentistry is an exciting area of dentistry which is becoming increasingly popular with patients. Implants are a highly predictable method of replacing teeth with typical success rates of 95%-98%. The system we use is ANKYLOS by Denstply.

Early intervention before extensive bone loss has occured is vital and dentists are actively encouraged to discuss the options early with their patients. A very important time is before a patient is fitted with a denture as this can rapidly promote loss of the underlying bone, or before an extraction takes place. This can have consequences in the future should a patient wish to consider implants, only to find that they no longer have enough bone.

Treatment costs
Before I started restoring implants six years ago, I often assumed what patents could or could not afford. I have since learnt that implants should no longer be offered as ‘an expensive option which patients probably can’t afford’. The fact is implant dentistry often offers the most predictable and least destructive outcome with the highest long term success rates.

Since offering implant dentistry as a normal routine option alongside bridges and dentures I have been surprised at how wrong my assumptions were. Once patients seriously realise the benefits of implants, the uptake rate increases. Even if they cannot afford the treatment, they are grateful that it was offered to them.

For implant referrals we offer a free initial discussion for your patients to explore the possibilities and if they wish to proceed further, a full consultation can then be arranged.

- Working together with implants >

Referring dentists are actively encouraged to be involved in any stage of the treatment as they wish and you are welcome to come and watch any stage of the treament.

We are happy to provide all aspects of the treatment from implant placement to final restoration, however there is also the possibility of referring dentists performing the prosthetic restoration of the implants themselves if they wish.

At ocean dental we hold hands-on evenings giving dentists the opportunity to explore this option. The training is FREE and includes a FREE prosthetic kit from Dentsply. Please contact us for further information.

- Our commitment to you and your patients >
  • We will spend time listening to your patients concerns and discuss all the possible options, allowing them to make an informed choice.
  • After a detailed and comprehensive examination, patients are always provided with a full detailed treatment plan and report.
  • We are dedicated to providing patients with an exceptional personal service and the highest standard of clinical care.
  • We will always keep you informed of their progress.
  • Dentists are welcome to observe all aspects of implant treatment if they wish.
  • Patients will only be treated for the the reason they were referred. If any additional treatment is required as part of the treatment plan, we will always liase with you first. Referral patients are not eligible to join the practice and are always returned to the referring practitioner after treatment is completed.
We hope the service will be a useful resource to you and look forward to satisfying your patients with our total commitment to providing treatment to the highest possible standards.
ocean dental is a modern dental practice committed to delivering the highest clinical standards with an emphasis on quality, not quantity. We are a genuinely caring and friendly team, allowing us to provide you with an exceptional personal service. Patient satisfaction is always our primary concern.